Eliminate lithium electricity! Future battery technology: closer and closer

According to foreign media reports, the new mobile phase medium forthcoming batteries, the battery is mainly by dissolved in organic molecules in aqueous solution to store energy, the battery is non-toxic, and has long service life, can be a substitute for lithium batteries. The battery‘s researchers are now trying to expand technology production to make it more industrialized.
You must have this experience: when you need to use a mobile phone, only to find that its power consumption of the light, this is really a very crazy thing.
Now, this experience will not happen, because, in the United States Harvard University scientists have developed a new type of battery, the battery can store energy in the liquid solution, and its life can reach more than a decade.The new battery in addition to superior efficiency and long life span, even more incredible is that it does not exist corrosive, and it is a completely non-toxic battery, have strong security. The new liquid phase cell was developed by researchers from the John a. paulson institute for engineering and applied sciences at Harvard University.
The new battery mainly by dissolved organic matter in the aqueous solution of PH is neutral molecules for energy storage, the battery can be used to maintain its energy density is more than 10 years, the birth of the battery also heralds the ordinary flat battery era is coming to an end.
At the same time, the battery and the flow is not only long life, there is no corrosive and its preparation cost is very low, and this kind of battery and lithium battery, compared with chemical safety, it also means that the battery does not need to corrosion resistant and corrosion resistant storage tanks and a series of extra spending, it is also an important reason for its low cost.
At present, the main problems of ordinary mobile phase battery efficiency is very low and if batteries are used for a long time is very easy to loss, but this kind of new mobile phase cell through improvements to the solvent, fundamentally solve the problem above, the test shows that the batteries in 1000 working cycle will only reduce the energy density of 1%, while the common lithium-ion battery the whole life of only 1000 working cycle.
Harvard University professor Michael in the field of material and energy technology Aziz (Michael Aziz) said: “the life of the lithium ion battery cannot bear 1000 charging and discharging cycle.”
Aziz professor added: “if anyone up to this standard, so, so to speak, he changed the world. Battery application field is very wide, so the study is very cost-effective, but also laid the foundation for our future research, make us away from the goal a step closer.” Professor aziz said: “research and development team to use the battery solution is ferrocene ions, it is a very good store charge material, and not easy to dissolve. The water soluble dicyclopentadienyl cobalt ions represent a broad categories can be applied to the mobile phase material of the battery.”
Scientists through the study of the change of molecular species in the electrolyte was prepared more stable and water-soluble better and more resistant to degradation of the mobile phase of the battery, because the battery has no corrosive, so even if the battery leaks will not hurt like a lithium battery. Although the current phase of the cell has been developed by scientists, there is no commercial marketing or promotion.
The U.S. department of energy (DOE) has issued a battery industry development goals, it is more and more to improve the utilization of wind and solar power, by constantly research to make it more competitive.
Energy storage research office of the director of the office of the U.S. department of energy power, imran ray in the Czech republic (Imre) Gyuk said: “the work of water soluble organic electrolyte has very important significance, which laid a foundation for future development of battery at the same time, also greatly improves the cycle life of the battery and reduce the cost of the battery.”
Czech republic also said: “I expect to have high efficiency and long life mobile phase battery power grid infrastructure will soon become the industry standard, the researchers are working to pushed the technology of the industrialization.”

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